8 Top TV Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch in 2017

TV Time After eight seasons, the hit show Shark Tank has attracted a lot of competition. Here are some of the most interesting programs to tune into–and take notes on–this year.

1. Planet of the Apps The Apple-created, celebrity-studded reality-TV show will have successful entrepreneurs mentor new app developers through creation, funding, and scaling. Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Will.i.am will be part of the first season.

2. The New Celebrity Apprentice The new season was entirely redesigned around a new boss: Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in place of Donald Trump’s former entourage, Tyra Banks, Warren Buffett, Jessica Alba, and Steve Ballmer will act as advisers. The new boss’s catchphrase: “You’re terminated.”

3. Billions A one-hour weekly encapsulation of Lord Acton’s phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The series portrays a battle of influence, wits, and wealth between a hedge fund mogul and the U.S. attorney general.

4. Silicon Valley This satire of Silicon Valley is a must-watch for insiders, who get to chuckle at the real-life references to eccentric entrepreneurs, as well as outsiders looking for insights on life in the startup world. The fourth season of the show will air this year (date TBD).

5. Billion Dollar Buyer Tilman Fertitta returns this year for season 2 of the show in which he wield’s his hospitality firm’s bookoo purchasing power to help two small businesses in each episode. Whether or not they land an offer is up to the entrepreneurs.

6. Small Business Revolution Last year, Shark Tank host Robert Herjavec joined business service firm Deluxe to mentor small businesses in Wabash, Indiana. This year, season 2 will feature a new town (to be announced on February 9) that will receive mentorship and a $500,000 investment.

7. The Deuce A new series from the creator of The Wire, David Simon, about the legalization and growth of the U.S. porn industry in the 1970s and ’80s. The show will also dive into the impact of the burgeoning market on real estate prices and the drug industry.

8. Superior Donuts The new series, airing in February this year, will visit the challenges of a small business (a donut shop) trying to stay competitive without sacrificing its founding values in a city’s gentrifying neighborhood.


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